2015 &2016 Art @ Christ Church Exhibition

Since these photos were taken, the church has had it’s pews removed, meaning a larger exhibition space within the church, leaving the hall free for teas, cakes etc.  Hopefully photos of this will appear in due course.

We are delighted to show you photos of the 2015 Art @ Christ Church exhibition, which was a great success.  The 2016 was an equal success too, and as the exhibition looked the same we haven’t included photos of that.

P1060062_v1 P1060059_v1 P1060054_v1 P1060048_v1 P1060046_v1 P1060038_v1 P1060036_v1 P1060026_v1 P1060022_v1 P1060015_v1 P1060007_v1 P1060005_v1 P1060004_v1 P1060001_v3