Artist’s Application

Any artist working in 2D or 3D, and living, working or with connections in HP5 or HP6, or has exhibited in past, is welcome to apply to exhibit in the exhibition.

To view photos of recent exhibitions, click here.

How to Apply

In due course we hope to get the forms on line.  For now, to get an application pack, please do contact us, and the relevant documents will be emailed to you.


We charge a hanging fee for each picture, and take a commission for each item sold, including cards.  These are detailed on the application pack.

Before Applying Please Read…

If one or more of your 2D pieces are larger than A3 or are particularly heavy, please contact us before applying to check we have space – you may also need to provide easels to safely display them.

If you have 3D work, please contact us before hand with what you show and the approx. size of these items.  Whilst we have some space, we have a reasonable amount at present and would need to see where it would go.

We do not currently accept photos to hang or sell as we have a full exhibition each year and regret that we would not have space.

Cards sell well at our exhibitions.  If you are new to us and have cards to bring, please check with us before hand that we have space.  We will provide flat tables to sell them on, but regret we don’t have any card baskets or stands to use, artists provide these themselves.

Hanging of pictures is at the discretion of Christ Church.  There are some subjects that we regret that we do not hang as we are a church – an example might be unclothed life models – do contact us if you are unsure.

If too many pictures are submitted, then Christ Church will at it’s discretion be unable to hang all the pictures.

The exhibition is open to entries from artists living / working / connections with HP5 or HP6, or who have exhibited with us in the past.   If you are unsure about this, then please do contact us to clarify if you are applicable.