Looking for someone to hand in or pick up your work?

We do appreciate that with any exhibition, sometimes you may not be around at the drop off and pick up times.

This page explains ways to help resolve this; it also contains information at the end as to why we regret we are unable to accept and store your work outside of the official drop off days and times.

Finding someone to help you

We have three suggestions:

  1. Generally the easiest way to resolve this problem, both for you and us, is to ask a family member, friend, work colleague, neighbour etc. to help you.  We are quite happy for them to drop the work off on your behalf.  If they are picking up your work, please do let us know in advance so we can release unsold work to the right person.
  2. If you know another artist who you think would be willing to help, but don’t know their contact details, please contact us and we will put the two of you in contact with each other – it will then be up to you to do the arranging with them.
  3. If any of these aren’t possible, we can email the artists to see if someone can help you – they would then contact you so you can arrange it between yourselves.  You will need to provide us with the relevant information – click here for this.

Can you collect other people’s work?

As we are all relatively local to one another, maybe you would be willing to pick up other people’s work.   Perhaps you don’t have another artists contact details but think they might need a hand.  Do let us know and we can either email all the artists or put you in touch with another.

Can work be dropped off early to church?

Regrettably, neither the church or members of the church can store your pictures before the exhibition if you are unable to drop them off at the advertised times.  It will be up to you to find someone to drop them off at the right time, using the suggestions above.

The organiser, David Rodgers is not able to accept pictures dropped off at his house due to lack of space to safely store them, and that he has 2 and 5 year old children who would almost certainly find and handle your work, resulting in likely damage that is not covered by the exhibition or personally by David.

For the same reason, David is unable to store your work after the exhibition.

We are sorry about this but have offered ways above to assist you to find someone.