Step free access to Church

At Christ Church, we endeavour to provide step free access to the church, which is over 150 years old, for those who have limited mobility, e.g. in a wheel chair.

Please see below how to access this.

On Traps Lane, there are two gates to access the church.  You will see the lower one has obvious steps on it.  The second one, up the hill, has no steps – go through this gate, then take a right, so you go around the back of the church.

Continue to go around the back of the church, to double doors, setup into a brick building.  There’s a bell by the door to attract attention – press this and wait for someone to come.  In the unlikely event that this does not happen, try again, or come around to the front door to ask to be let in.

We also have a ramp, (kept just inside the door), for anyone who needs to get a wheelchair over the threshold of the back double doors.

If you wish to park outside the church, you may do so, on Traps Lane (on a hill), or on the main Waterside Road, beside the church, if there are spaces.

Within the main body of the church, there are no steps.  To get up to the altar, there steps, however the exhibition does not usually use this space.

Pictures are hung at various heights along the walls, and on stands that are placed on tables.  Whilst it is not possible for us to hang the pictures at wheel chair user height, we do hope that those in a chair may still enjoy the exhibition.

If you visit the exhibition and have limited mobility, it would be great to hear your feedback as to how accessible we have made this.